Go Go Vegan Go Food Truck Review

Written by on Aug 6, 2018

Despite Go Go Vegan Go’s inception only a little over a year ago, they’re already kicking ass in the food truck game in Richmond. You may have seen the colorful truck hopping between breweries in the River City, but Go Go Vegan Go is much more than a killer paint job-they have some truly incredible vegan food cooking up within those mobile walls.

Chef April Viar worked at Edo Squid for 12 years, and co-chef Dave Witte has been touring the world with his band and sampling cuisine from around the globe. Together they have taken their passion for food and plant-based living, and crafted something truly great, and really tasty.

According to April, Go Go Vegan Go  was the perfect move for them in their food careers, “We wanted our own thing, and there were no vegan options when we would go out to all of the breweries. Dave is a big beer nerd, so I just wanted us to have what we wanted. I also just love food, and I didn’t want to be stuck in one place.” Their passion for food, music, and art is evident when looking at the eye-popping designs on the truck. It’s adorned with larger than life food luchadores – you’ll never miss it in a lineup.

When asked how they would describe their food truck to newcomers, they really just have one simple goal in mind-good food. Dave says, “We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just trying to make good food and have fun.”

When you check it out, and you must do so, look for the pad thai fries, a perfect food to pair with any afternoon beer at a local brewery. That’s a recommendation from me, as well as the chef himself, “the fries are definitely the top-seller, people go nuts for them.” Even for non-vegans, Dave and April want to make an appealing lunch option that just happens to be vegan, “it’s just great food, it doesn’t matter that it’s plant-based.”

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