Animal Companionship

Shelters & Rescues:

Richmond SPCA – The adoption fee for Dogs and Cats includes spay/neuter costs, vaccination, and behavioral support. 2519 Hermitage Rd – (804) 643-6785

Richmond Animal League – “All of our [companion animals] are spayed or neutered, microchipped, dewormed, and given all age-appropriate vaccinations before going home.” A bag of food is also included in the adoption fee. Includes a pitbull fostering, spay/neuter and education initiative program called Gracie’s Guardians. 11401 International Drive – 804-379-0046

BARK –  A dog exclusive rescue that takes adoptable animals out of shelters and puts them into forever homes.

FLAG – A small dog rescue just outside of Richmond in Goochland. Call to make an appointment to adopt, or visit one of their Adoption Events. (804) 342-6975

Ring Dog Rescue – A rescue group that exclusively works with pitbulls or dogs with bulldog lineage. (804) 622-4200

Richmond Animal Care and Control– City run animal shelter – 1600 Chamberlayne Ave – (804) 646-5573

Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF)

River City Bulldog Rescue

Henrico Humane Society

Angel Dogs

Hanover Humane Society

Lab Rescue of the Potomac

Southside SPCA

Dog Food:

V-Dog – – Animal-free tasty food and dental bones for dogs