Many of your staple clothing items, like pants, shirts, skirts, and underwear are already vegan! Keep an eye out for wool (Some companies like to sneak in small percentages), and the obvious leather, suede, and fur products. For your typically animal product layden items, like dress shoes and belts check out some of these Vegan Exclusive brands:

Mooshoes – – Featuring almost all of the major vegan friendly shoe brands, Mooshoes is a one-stop shop for all of your footwear needs.

Alternative Outfitters – – An extensive selection of 100% vegan apparel.

Brave Gentleman – – 100% vegan, high end men’s apparel, including custom vegan suits and shoe collaborations with Novacas.

The Vegan Collection- – 100% vegan, professional-looking men’s belts and wallets. Affordable, quality accessories.

Cliff Belts – – 100% Vegan  High quality cork/canvas belts, wallets, bags and more.

Vegan Kicks – – Reviews of animal free shoes and street gear.

Vegans With Appetites – Vegan Vans List – A complete overview of vegan options for Vans shoes.

More to come!