Nothing says “the South” quite like fried chicken. Biscuits, collard greens, black-eyed peas, pickled beets- Mean Bird’s menu brings southern staples to the Richmond food truck scene.

Mean Bird celebrated their grand opening, Saturday, January 2nd at Ardent Craft Ales. With a line wrapping around the brewery, it seems that owners Mike and Sara Moore have discovered something Richmond has long been craving- good home cookin’.

Apart from an extensive list of sauces and sides that are vegan, the real star of the menu is Mean Bird’s “Veggie Bird”. The flaky, perfectly crispy outer coating is everything your fried chicken dreams are made of. Handmade, the birds are pieced together with fresh vegetables, grains, herbs & seasonings. The Moores pride themselves on using all natural ingredients- no vital wheat gluten, isolated soy protein or textured vegetable protein. The birds are cooked in a separate fryer so there’s no need  to worry about cross contamination!

For more information, a menu or a truck schedule, visit:

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