Halloween Dinner Party

Written by on Oct 30, 2014

Dust off the cobwebs, fire up the cauldron, grab the garlic and light the pumpkins- it’s Halloween! Expecting guests this evening? Why not surprise them with a delicious spread of ghoulish treats?

Last weekend, we held our first Halloween dinner party. It was a small, intimate get-together with some of our closest friends. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to hosting your own spooky soiree:

1. Create a devilishly delightful playlist- nothing is more awkward than pure silence, especially when you’re not in the room to help steer the conversation. Piece together a mix with some of your favorite movie soundtracks or even just songs from an old spook-house tape.

2. Prepare a boo-ffet of finger foods, drinks and hors d’oeuvres- keep your guests busy with a table full of delicious snacks and sweets. This will give you more time to focus on getting everything together for the dinner party. At our party, we had candied pecans, caramel popcorn, white bean balsamic crostini, a bloody vampire punch and a spicy cashew, almond nut mix.

3. Create an enchanted tablescape- if you’re going to have a Halloween party, you might as well commit 100%. Cover your table in moss, dirt or leaves and build the ultimate display for your frightening food. Use mini pumpkins as place cards or create tombstone dish labels, spray-paint fallen tree branches to add height and spooky-factor to your table.

4. Plan an evening of gruesome and ghastly fun- after the dinner plates are dragged away, pop in a movie, break out the board games or better yet- string up a pinata and just laugh the night away! It’s Halloween, so, relax and enjoy just being around friends.

5. Send your guests off with a killer treat bag- Want to make your party memorable? Surprise your friends with a goodie bag! Almost every adult will admit that they miss trick or treating. This inexpensive gift will surely bring back some happy Halloween memories. Fill your bags with either homemade treats or store-bought ones. Sprinkle in a couple gag gifts to help lighten the mood and keep things interesting. Our treat bags had bags of homemade caramel popcorn, bottles of sparkling cider, fake mustaches, spider rings, etc.



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