Two year old company, Hampton Creek is trying to revolutionize the home of the average American. Their product, Just Mayo, is an eggless mayonnaise that hit the shelves of major grocery stores and supermarkets last Fall. Being hailed as the next big thing in the condiment world, this plant-based mayo is almost indistinguishable from it’s eggy brethren- Hellman’s and Miracle Whip. What’s the secret? The recipe is relatively the same as any mayonnaise on the market: canola oil, water and lemon juice, but, the main emulsifier is yellow pea protein.

Early July, Hampton Creek, announced Just Mayo will now be sold in Dollar Tree stores around the United States- discount stores that are at cheapest end of American retail. The company was launched with the belief that the way we are producing food for the world’s 7 billion population is simply unsustainable. By providing a cheaper, healthier and more efficient product, H.C. hopes to cut down on industry-based animal cruelty, disease risks and our overall carbon footprint.

Look for Just Mayo and Hampton Creek’s other products at your local grocery store or Dollar Tree!

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